AlNile SMS

The SMS alerts service from AlNile bank is the fastest way for you to stay in touch with your bank account. You can subscribe to receive one or more types of automatic SMS alerts or choose to receive specific details upon request. This service is available in Arabic and English.


What is the SMS Alerts Mobile Banking Service? It is a service where you can receive information on different banking details via SMS alerts on your mobile phone through two types of services: automatically or upon request.


Automatic SMS Alerts:  With this option, you can receive automatic alerts regularly whenever a transaction takes place, for example:


- Account balance: Receive a daily SMS Alert whenever your balance changes.
- Withdrawal transactions: Receive a detailed SMS alert with every transaction.
- Deposit transactions: Receive a detailed SMS alert with every transaction.
- Fixed deposit maturity: Receive an SMS alert 5 days prior to the maturity date.
- Cheque clearance: Receive an SMS alert for cheque Inward/Outward clearing.

SMS Alerts Upon Request: This option allows you to request specific details on different products and services such as the account balance, date and amount of last deposit… etc. and receive instant responses via SMS.  These alerts are activated by default on your registered number.

- Account balance.
- Date and amount of last deposit/withdrawal.
- Loan outstanding amount.
- Fixed deposit maturity date.
- Exchange rates.


How to subscribe to the SMS Alerts Mobile Banking Service?

- Call 3838.
- Visit any of AlNile Bank's branches.
- Download the SMS Alerts Mobile Banking Service application form click here, fill in the form, sign the application then send it to the nearest AlNile Bank branch.